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Adult Sunday soft ball returns!

 Our season will start May 31st

The games occur on Sunday mornings from 8:00am until 10:00am........actual games start 8:15am allowing for some warm-up

Most of the games are played at Harvard Fields #1 thru #4 in Irvine (near Jamboree & 5 FWY)

There are typically 20 regular season games which establish the Playoff Seeding of the teams as #1 thru #8 seeds.

After the regular season, there is a double-elimination Playoff.

The season runs from March 1st thru about mid-November (about 38 weeks) depending upon weather, and field availability

The cost of the league is $80 per week per team. However the league has invited us to play the first 2 weeks free of charge.

Please let Zachary Hoffman at  know if you are interested and available for May 31st and June 7th




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Shabbat Achare Mot-Kedoshim

May 1/2. 13 Iyar 5775


Friday, 6:00 pm Shabbat Family Service

Led by Rabbi Gersh Zylberman and Cantor Linda Ecker

Story by Rabbi Gersh Zylberman MORGAN CHAPEL, followed by Oneg in Packard Hall

Friday, 6:00 pm, Alternative Contemplative service.

Join Rabbi Frank Stern and Marcie Howard as they guide us on a journey to find peace filled moments and discover possibilities for growth and healing. MARCUS LIBRARY

 Saturday, 9:00 am Torah Study

 Led this week by Rabbi Gersh Zylberman, MARCUS LIBRARY

Saturday, 10:30 am Morning Minyan

Led by Rabbi Rayna Gevurtz and Barry Cohen, MARGOLIS YOUTH LOUNGE

Saturday, 10:30 am Alana Karro's Bat Mitzvah, MORGAN CHAPEL

Sunday, May 3 9:00 am Coffee Talk 9:00 am with Rabbi Gersh Zylberman MARCUS LIBRARY


This week we read one of the most important verses in the Torah: "You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your countrymen. Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Eternal One" (Lev 19:18).

Most often we focus on the second part of this verse (a version of the Golden Rule), but the theologian Martin Buber linked the two parts by asserting that all human beings should be regarded as components of the same body. When we hurt someone else an effort to get even we hurt part of ourselves. Anger and a thirst for vengeance are corrosive to our own souls.

Shabbat Shalom.

Rabbi Gersh Zylberman









In the Commnity
 "An Enchanted Evening." 
May 17 at 1:00 pm
May 20 and 21 at 7:00pm:
Featuring the Music from some of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Broadway Shows.







Our Summer program is SO special this year.
Align your calendars!
from  Memorial day to Labor Day.
We will have food trucks, themed dinners, live music, inspirational speakers supervised pla
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